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Christine Luff

Sarah Palin: I Could Beat Obama in a (Running) Race

By July 1, 2009

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Alaska governor and former U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin may not have won the vice presidency last year, but in a new article from Runner's World, she claims that she could beat President Obama in a running race.

"If [it] were a long race that required a lot of endurance I'd win," Palin said. "I betcha I'd have more endurance. If you ever talk to my old coaches they'd tell you, too. What I lacked in physical strength or skill I made up for in determination and endurance."

I don't think Palin is just talking a good game here. She ran a 3:59 marathon in 2005. If they were racing a marathon, I do think that Palin might be able to take Obama.

Palin also says that she hates to go a day without running. "I have to run," she told Runner's World. "No matter how rotten I feel before or during a run, it's always worth it to me afterwards. Sweat is my sanity."

She also admits to sometimes listening to music for motivation during her runs. Her favorites for running? Van Halen, AC/DC, with a little bit of country music thrown in.


July 5, 2009 at 1:59 pm
(1) S.G. says:

I’m really surprised 47% of people think Obama would win. I know he runs but I don’t think I’ve heard/read anything about him attempting longer distances like Palin does. Without training like she has, he’d probably just flounder.

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