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Christine Luff

There's No Lying in Running

By October 20, 2009

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A woman in the UK who was collecting disability payments was charged with theft and making false representation after investigators found out she had run a 5K charity race

Although this is an extreme example of a runner who got caught in a lie, it's an important reminder about the public nature of road races. If you've ever, say, skipped work so you could run a race, don't be surprised if your boss finds out what you were really doing. It's easy for people to find race results, even accidentally, in the local newspaper or online. It kind of reminds me of those stories you hear about the guy who plays hooky from work to attend a baseball game and is then seen on TV catching a foul ball in the stands.

In this age of social networking, runners sometimes even expose their own lies by tweeting or posting on Facebook about a race they ran on a day when they told some of their online friends that they were doing something else.

Technology can also keep us honest in another way: Chip times and online results mean that you can't fib about your race times. So, the morale of the story is, we should all save ourselves some potential trouble and embarrassment by being honest. Your lies will catch up to you eventually, no matter how fast you are.


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