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Christine Luff

Watch Those Liquid Calories!

By December 24, 2009

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This is the time of year when healthy diet habits can go right out the window, especially when it comes to calorie consumption. Even those people who try to watch what they're eating sometimes go overboard on the high-calorie holiday beverages, such as eggnog or mixed drinks. You shouldn't have to skip the festive drinks altogether, but try to keep it under control with cocktails made from seltzer or diet soda and a just a shot of alcohol. Avoid juice-based drinks and heavy liquors and, if you're drinking wine, try to drink a glass of water in between.

And don't drop your guard against liquid calories once the holidays are over. Some runners assume that because they're running or doing other forms of exercise, they're supposed to drink sports drinks. But the truth is that, while it's important that you use sports drinks to replace electrolytes during your long runs, you don't need to constantly drink them when you're not running. Not only are they high in calories, but they also have very little nutritional benefit and they won't keep you full. So stay away from those sugary sports drinks. (Your waistline and your teeth will thank you.)

You should also try to avoid fruit juices (whole fruit is always better), regular soda, and high-calorie specialty coffee beverages. Plain water is fine for staying hydrated during the week. If that's too boring for you, try squeezing a lemon in your water or drink no-calorie flavored seltzer water. Also, when it's not the holiday season, try to limit beer and alcohol consumption to 1-2 glasses per week.

Have a safe and healthy holiday!


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