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Christine Luff

What's Your Biggest Running Fear?

By March 6, 2013

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Whether you're a new runner trying to establish a running habit or a seasoned veteran training for a race, it's totally normal to worry about things like not being able to run or not reaching your goals. But rather than letting your fears make you give up on running, here are some ways you can manage them.

Fear: "People are judging me." Some people don't want to run in public because they're worried about people seeing them and making judgments. But remember that you're doing something that's healthy and good for you - who cares what others think? Wearing the right clothes for running may make you feel more comfortable when running in public. For women, it's especially important to wear the right sports bra . Keep at it -- many runners find that the more they run in public, the more comfortable they feel getting out there.

Fear: "I'm afraid I'm going to have to start walking." Don't discount the power of a walking break! Some runners mistakenly think of walking during a run as "giving up". Walking can actually be beneficial for runners as part of an overall run/walk strategy for completing races or long runs, or as a cross-training activity in between running days.

Fear: "I'm not going to finish or achieve my goal." Don't think about the past negative experiences, like a bad training run, that are contributing to your fears. Focus on the positive. Remember runs when you felt really strong back, or reflect on how far you've come with your running.

Fear: "I'm going to get injured." This is a legitimate fear since, yes, some runners do get injured (and re-injured). But there's a lot you can to prevent injuries, such as avoiding doing too much too soon, getting fitted for the right running shoes, and following other simple injury prevention steps.

What's your biggest fear about running? Or are you totally relaxed about running? Take the poll and share your comments below.


March 9, 2013 at 12:32 am
(1) jungernaut says:

I fear feeling really crappy on the day of a race, which leads to fear of not finishing, fear of injury, and generally unmotivated to finish. I battle through the training runs when I really don’t feel like running but you never know on race day :S

March 9, 2013 at 10:30 pm
(2) Mike Baard says:

Getting tripped up at the start & being trampled.

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