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What to Do With Your Old Race T-Shirts


Updated June 04, 2014

race T-shirts


I know some people get enjoyment out of cleaning, but I would rather get a cavity filled than tackle a major cleaning of our home. The only thing that gets me a little bit excited about spring cleaning is the annual clutter reduction we accomplish by purging stuff in our closets or drawers that we no longer need. If you find that you have a lot of race T-shirts cluttering up your closets and drawers, here are a few ways to reuse them.

Donate them. If your race T-shirts are in good condition, donate them to a charity that accepts clothing. Just make sure to wash them if they're already been worn.

Give them to an animal shelter. Call your local animal shelter and see if they need donated T-shirts for rags or other uses.

Make them into a quilt. If you're into quilting, you can create a quilt of your T-shirts. Or, send your T-shirts to a company such as the Campus Quilt Company and they'll make one for you.  This beautiful keepsake is functional, and also preserves your race memories.

Use them to clean. Old T-shirts actually make great rags - you can use them for dusting, washing the car, etc., then wash and re-use.

Any other ideas? Please share in the comments.


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