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Overcome Your Weight Loss Obstacles


Updated June 06, 2014

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If you're a runner hoping to lose some weight, you're not alone. And, like most dieters, you also have probably faced some hurdles during your weight-loss journey. Follow these tips to prepare yourself for potential weight-loss derailments:

  • Be realistic. If your expectations for weight loss are too high, you're bound to get disappointed, and your frustrations could lead you to stray from your healthy eating and exercise efforts. Set a realistic goal for your weight loss -- no more than one or two pounds a week -- and keep in mind that you may occasionally hit weight-loss plateaus.
  • Be prepared for temptation. Many dieters' weight-loss efforts are derailed when they attend a holiday party, wedding, or other special event that involves delicious food and beverages. If you're heading to an event where you expect to be tempted, make sure you go into it with a strategy. Tell yourself that you'll stop after one glass of wine or you'll watch your portions. If you don't have a plan, it's easy to lose control quickly.
  • Set priorities. Lack of time is a big excuse for not preparing healthy meals or exercising. But if you make healthy eating and exercise priorities in your life, you'll find that you'll do them more often. Schedule workouts on your calendar and pack healthy lunches to bring to work with you. Make sure you share your priorities your family and friends, so they'll be supportive of your efforts.


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