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How to Calculate Your Protein Needs - Exercise - About.com
If you're an exerciser, however, your protein needs may increase since resistance training and endurance workouts can rapidly break down muscle protein.
Sports Nutrition - Protein Needs for Athletes - Sports Medicine
Dec 16, 2014 ... Athletes need protein primarily to repair and rebuild muscle that is broken down during exercise and to help optimizes carbohydrate storage in ...
Protein Needs Calculator - Online Protein Calculator - Low Carb Diets
Two calculators to figure your body's protein needs using two different methods.
Calculate Protein Needs Using Lean Body Mass - Low Carb Diets
Dec 16, 2014 ... How to compute protein needs based on the method described by Barry Sears ( Zone Diet) and Drs Eades (Protein Power Diet), based on lean ...
Protein: What Is It and How Much Do I Need? - Low Carb Diets
Dec 19, 2014 ... Our protein needs depend on our age, size, and activity level. The standard method used by nutritionists to estimate our minimum daily protein ...
calculate your protein needs - Calorie Count
Most North Americans get more than enough protein each day. Health experts recommend that adults should eat 0.8 grams of protein per ...
Protein Needs of Older People - Healthy Aging - About.com
From energy bars and cereals to pasta, protein is the new super ingredient - but how much protein do you really need each day?
Can I Get Enough Protein on a Raw Food Vegan Diet?
How does a vegan raw foodist able to get all of their protein needs met? What are some good sources of raw vegan protein? When living on raw plants alone, ...
What To Eat After Exercise - Sports Medicine - About.com
Protein Needs After Exercise Consuming protein has other important uses after exercise. Protein provides the amino acids necessary to rebuild muscle tissue ...
Exercise and Protein Need - Nutrition - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... The average everyday exercise enthusiast doesn't have any exceptional protein needs. However, elite athletes and performers do need more ...
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