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How to Train for a 5K in Two Weeks


Updated January 19, 2014

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If you signed up for a 5K a few months ago and you’ve now realized it’s just a couple of weeks ago, you may be worried that you won’t be ready to go the distance.

Although two weeks is not a lot of time to prepare for a 5K, it’s possible to still get yourself more mentally and physically ready for the race. If you’ve been exercising a few times a week, take a look at the last two weeks of this 5K Beginner 4-Week Schedule and see if it looks doable to you.

And here are some general tips to follow in the next two weeks:

Try a run/walk approach. Many runners are surprised that their pace is actually faster when they take a 30 second walking break every mile, rather than trying to run all the way through.  A short walk gives your running muscles a break and can provide a huge mental boost. Try it out in training, and then use the strategy on race day by walking for 30 seconds when you hit a mile marker.

Run on the course. If you’re doing a local race, get out there and run parts of the course. You’ll feel a lot more mentally prepared knowing what to expect. If there’s a big hill on the course, several repeats (at least a week before) as a strengthening and confidence-boosting workout.

Don’t cram. Don’t try to make up for lost training time by running hard or long every day. You still have time for a couple of long or hard workouts before the race, but make sure they’re followed by a rest or easy day so your body has time to recover.

Rest the day before. No amount of running you do the day before the race will improve your performance. And if you do too much, you'll pay for it on race day. So just take it easy so your legs are rested and fresh for the race.

Check out these 5K race tips to give yourself the best possible race day experience:

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