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Marathon and Half Marathon Running Tips

Get advice on running a half marathon or full marathon race, from what to eat and wear to how to mentally prepare to race strategies.

Mental Tips for Marathon Running
Running a marathon tests your mental strength as much as it does your physical fitness. Here are tips on how to win the battles throughout the race.

What to Do the Day Before Running a Marathon or Half Marathon
What you do during the day before your half or full marathon can have a huge effect -- positive or negative -- on your race. Follow these tips to make sure you avoid making mistakes that will cost you valuable time or cause discomfort during your half or full marathon.

What Should I Eat Before a Marathon?
What you eat before a marathon can make or break your race. Find out what to eat the day before and morning of your marathon.

Common Racing Mistakes to Avoid
It's common to make mistakes when running races, especially if you're new to running. Here's how to avoid common racing mistakes.

Should I Run the Day Before My Marathon?
Should you run the day before a race? Get the answer.

Marathon Packing List
In the days before your marathon, you're most likely going to be nervous and anxious, so you start packing early, especially if the marathon is out of town. Follow this marathon packing list to make sure you don't forget something important, like your running shoes.

How to Taper Before a Marathon
The tapering period is a critical part of your marathon training. During the last couple of weeks of your training, it's important that you taper, or cut back your mileage, to give your body and mind a chance to rest, recover and prepare for your marathon.

Marathon Recovery Tips
You did it! Whether you just ran your first or tenth marathon, you made it through 26.2 miles -- and you have the sore and fatigued muscles to prove it. Here's some advice to get you through the next week.

Should I Wear New Running Shoes for My Marathon?
Marathon runners often wonder if it's better to wear new, old, or slightly used running shoes on race day. Get the answer.

How Do I Get Over the Post-Marathon Blues?
It's very common for runners to feel bummed-out, disappointed, sad, maybe even depressed after they finish a big race, like a marathon. The good news is that there are ways to combat these post-race blues, or at least soften the blow. Here are some things to try.

Tips for Running Your First Half Marathon
Training for your first half marathon? Check out these half marathon training tips to get physically and mentally prepared for your race.

Marathon Running and Training Mistakes to Avoid
Here are some of the most common marathon running and training mistakes and mishaps to avoid.

What Is a Good Time for Running a Half Marathon?
Here's how to determine how to compare your half marathon time to other runners' times.

10 Things Not to Say to Marathon Runners
When you're for a marathon, there are certain questions and comments that you just don't want to hear. Here are some suggestions for what not to say to marathoners, as well as tips for what they actually do want to hear.

8 Tips to Run Your Best Half Marathon
Get advice on how to run your best half marathon.

9 Last-Minute Marathon Tips
Running a marathon soon? Check out these pre-race tips to make sure you have the best possible marathon experience.

10 Things to Know Before Running a Marathon
Thinking of running a marathon? Here are 10 things you should know before committing to it.

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