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Tips for Running Races

Whether you're new to running or you're an experienced racer, get tips for running your best races.

Race Day Tips for Running Your First Race
So you've done your training for your first 5K or 10K -- the race distances that are good for first-timers. As your race day approaches, you may have some questions and concerns about what to expect on race day. If you're fairly new to running, here are so

Common Racing Mistakes to Avoid
Most runners have had mishaps or made many mistakes when running races. Here's how to avoid common racing mistakes.

Common Fears About Running Races
Here's how to get over the most common fears about running races.

Running Etiquette Tips for Races
Get tips on how to be a polite runner when running in races.

Strategies for Running a Faster Race
Running faster means working harder, and improvements obviously don't happen overnight. But if you're shooting for a PR, you could shave some seconds or maybe even minutes off your finishing time with smart strategies that have little to do with your fitness level. Whether you're doing a 5K or a marathon, here are some tips to try during your...

Tips for Racing in Hot Weather
If your race day forecast is for hot and humid weather, here's how to stay safe and comfortable.

How to Use a Porta-Potty
If you're a runner who enjoys road racing, using porta-potties is pretty unavoidable. Here are some tips for using portable toilets at races.

4 Ways to Have Fun Racing
If you're always a serious racer, it may be time to shake things up and try to make racing fun again. Here are some things to try so you can relax and enjoy racing more.

8 Commonly-Asked Questions About 5K Racing
Are you nervous about racing a 5K? To help calm your nerves and ease some of your fears, get answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about 5K racing.

Should I Run the Day Before a Race?
Should you run or take a rest day the day before a race? Get the answer.

5K Racing Mistakes to Avoid
Getting ready for a 5K race? Here's how to avoid five common 5K mistakes.

What is a Chip Time?
If you're new to running, you may not know what runners are talking about when they refer to their chip times. Find out what this road racing term means.

How to Deal With Crowds When Running a Race
If you've had problems some trouble dealing with crowds when running races, try these tips to help ease your frustration and improve your running performance.

How to Take Water from Aid Stations in Races
Follow these steps when running through water stops in races.

How to Avoid Getting Shut Out of Races
Trying to get into a popular race? If you're sick of missing out, here are some strategies to avoid getting shut out of races.

What Should I Do Before My 5K Race?
Getting ready for a 5K race? Here's some advice on what to expect and what to do in the week before your 5K.

How to Deal With Bad Races
When you first start racing and you're gradually building your fitness and confidence, it's exciting to see your race times keep improving. Each race brings a new personal record (PR). But eventually you have a bad race when either the conditions weren't ideal, you weren't feeling great, or you simply didn't do the proper training, and you...

How to Recover from a Hard Race or Run
Whether you just finished a race, tough speed workout, a really long run, you need to take care of yourself and make sure you're recovering properly. Here are some tips for recovering from races and long or hard runs.

5K Training Advice from Runners
If you've run a lot of 5K races, you probably have lots of tips and strategies for training and running a smart and successful race. Whether they're about 5K training, running motivation, race day preparation, or 5K racing, share your tips with other 5K runners so they can have a great 5K experience.

How Can I Boost My Confidence About Running?
How can a beginner runner boost her confidence? Get some tips.

How Can I Have a Stronger Race Finish?
Here are some tips for how to improve your finishing kick and feel strong and confident as you're headed to the finish line.

Can I Wear Headphones When Running a Race?
Are runners allowed to wear headphones when running in a race? Get the answer.

Starting Line Tips for Marathons and Other Races
Get tips for what to do at the starting line to make sure make sure your marathon or other race gets off to a good start.

How to Pick the Right Race to Run
Consider these factors before you choose which race you want to run.

How Strict Are Time Limits in Races?
Some races set time limits, so runners and walkers have to be off the course after a certain amount of time. But exactly how strict are those cut-off times?

What Is a PR or Personal Record?
Find out what this road racing term means.

What's a Negative Split?
Negative splitting is a race strategy for long distance races such as a half or full marathon. Find out what it means to run a negative split.

Am I Allowed to Walk During a Race?
Is it acceptable to take a walk break during a running race? Get the answer.

How to Look Good in Your Race Photos
Are your race photos cringe-worthy rather than frame-worthy? Here's some advice for fantastic race photos.

What If I Can't Finish a Race?
What will happen if you have to drop out of a race? Get the answer.

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