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Galloway's Book On Running (review)


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The Bottom Line

This book is excellent for the beginner runner, useful for intermediate runners, and helpful for the advanced runner. Personally, I think this is a great book to have around in any runner's library and to reread it at least once a year.
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  • Covers Most Running Topics Thoroughly
  • Introduces Runners to the Run-Walk-Run(tm) Method
  • Explains How to Design Your Own Routine/Training Program
  • Offers Many Training Programs For Particular Goals
  • Covers Kids Running and Running Over Age 40
  • Covers Same Topics as Many Other "Intro to Running" Books
  • The Shoe Section Could Have Held More Detail


  • 275 pgs
  • 2nd Edition (Completely Revised and Updated)
  • 25 Chapters including chapters on starting, training, racing, injuries, food, and shoes
  • Appendicies including how to predict your race performance

Guide Review - Galloway's Book On Running (review)

This book really stands out in the fact that it address both beginners and advanced runners' needs. Its chapter on the training pyramid is certainly one of the most useful chapters I've read in any book. Beginners, intermediate and advanced runners will have no problem taking the information they need from that chapter without feeling as though they are over their heads or have already covered the material before. The information for advanced competitor racers can also be helpful to more advanced runners (well, racers) who are interested in being more competitive.

The depth of information, as well as the easy-to-understand language, really makes this book an incredible find. I really found the information on physiology and nutrition to be the best available in this level of reading for runners. I also think that the new expanded information on running in heat and cold will be useful to many people.

Basically, this is a book that I highly recommend to all runners. A must-have for any complete running library and a great book to start that library with, as well.

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