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Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss and Running

Get answers to questions about weight loss and running.

Can Running Help Me Lose Weight?
I've lost a couple of pounds, but I want to speed up my weight loss progress. Can running help me lose weight?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight With Running?
What if you're trying to lose weight by running and it's just not happening? Find out some possible explanations.

Why Am I Gaining Weight During Marathon Training?
Some runners find that they actually gain weight during training. Learn how to avoid it.

How Many Miles a Week Should I Run to Lose Weight?
If you're running to lose weight, you may be wondering: How many miles do you need to run to lose weight?

Can I Burn Fat By Running?
Can I burn fat by running? Get the answer.

How Can I Get Over a Weight Loss Plateau?
Although it's extremely frustrating, it's common for people to hit a plateau after a few months of weight loss success. Here are some steps to take to jumpstart your weight loss and keep losing weight.

How Many Calories Do I Need to Burn to Lose One Pound?
How many calories do you need to burn to lose a pound? Get the answer.

How Can I Not Feel Hungry all the Time?
It's normal to feel hungry when you start a new exercise regimen or you increase your exercise frequency or intensity. You're burning more calories, so your body needs to take more in. Here are some ways you can avoid feeling hungry, with overindulging.

How Accurate are the Calorie Counts on Treadmills?
When you run on a treadmill, you may be wondering whether the calories burned counter is accurate. Get the answer.

How Many Daily Calories Do I Need?
Wondering how many calories you to need to properly fuel your runs? Use this simple formula to determine your daily calorie needs.

Do I Burn More Calories Running Outside?
Find out if you burn more calories running outside rather than on a treadmill.

Does Running Help You Lose Belly Fat?
Can running help get rid of belly fat? Get the answer and advice about running and weight loss.

Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?
Find out how men and women lose weight differently.

How Many Calories Does Running Burn?
Find out what factors affect how many calories you burn while running and how to determine your calorie expenditure.

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