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Frequently Asked Questions for Beginner Runners

As a beginner runner, you may have lots of questions. Browse through these frequently asked questions and get the answers you need.

17 Commonly-Asked Questions About Learning to Run
Ready to start running? This list of frequently-asked questions from beginner runners will address your concerns and help you feel more confident and ready to run.

Can Running Help Me Lose Weight?
I've lost a couple of pounds, but I want to speed up my weight loss progress. Will running help me lose weight?

Can I Walk During My Runs?
Find out why walking during runs and races is a smart strategy.

Should I Eat Before a Run?
Find out when and what to eat before running.

When Does Running Get Easier?
Running may feel like a struggle as you're getting started. Find out how beginner runners can make running easier, more comfortable and enjoyable.

When Is the Best Time to Stretch?
Find out if you should stretch before running or after your warm-up.

How Do I Get Rid of a Side Stitch?
Get tips on how to prevent and get rid of side stitches or cramps.

Why Do I Feel Out of Breath When Running?
It's normal to feel out of breath when you're first starting to run. Here's how to avoid that heavy breathing when you're beginning to run.

How Fast Should I Run?
Many runners are not sure what pace they should run. Find out how to know if you're running the right pace.

How Do I Know How Far I'm Running?
How do you know how far you're running outside? Get the answer.

What Should I Wear When Running?
Get advice on basic running clothing.

What's the Best Time of Day to Run?
Is it better to run in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Get the answer.

Can I Get Cramps From Drinking Water While Running?
Some people think you'll get cramps from drinking water while running. Find out if it's true.

Where Should I Run?
Get tips on where to run, how to know how far you're running, and the best surfaces for running.

What's the Difference Between Running on a Treadmill and Running Outside?
Is treadmill running really easier? Get the answer here.

How Should I Breathe When Running?
Many beginner runners wonder if they're breathing properly when running. Here's what to do.

Baffling Running Questions Answered
There are some questions that runners, even experienced ones, consider to be real stumpers. Here are answers to some of the running questions that leave runners scratching their heads.

Do Runners Need Rest Days?
Are rest days for runners really necessary? Get the answer.

Should I Run Through Pain?
It's very common for runners to experience some aches and pains. Learn how to know when you can continue running and when you should stop.

Why Does My Foot Go Numb When Running?
Sometimes when I'm running my toes or feet feel numb? Why does that happen and how can I prevent the numbness?

Which Part of My Foot Should I Land on When Running?
Find out where you should land on your feet when running.

What If I Miss a Day of Training?
What if I miss a day of training? Should I make up the run? Get the answer.

Should I Run Every Day?
Many new runners wonder if they should run every day or take some days off. Get the answer here.

Can I Eat or Drink Dairy Products Before a Run?
You may have heard that dairy products can cause cramping during runs. Find out if it's OK to consume dairy products before a run.

What If I Have to Take a Break from Running?
Sometimes an illness, an injury, or a hectic schedule forces us to take a break in your training. Here's how you can handle a running break.

Can I Listen to Music During Runs?
Many people like to listen to music when running, but there are several disadvantages to running with headphones. Find out why you should think twice before putting on those headphones.

How Do I Avoid Bouncing Too Much When I Run?
Do you have a lot of up and down movement when you run? Find out how to run without bouncing up and down too much.

What Type of Socks Should I Run In?
It's important to choose the right running socks for comfort and performance. Here's what you should look for when buying running socks.

How Long Will It Take Me Run a 5K?
Wondering how long it might take you to run a 5K? Find out how you can estimate your 5K time.

When Should I Replace My Running Shoes?
Get tips on when you should replace your running shoes.

What Is a PR or Personal Record?
Find out what this road racing term means.

Should I Run the Day Before a Race?
Should you run the day before a race? Get the answer.

How Can I Measure My Run/Walk Intervals?
What's the best way to measure your run/walk intervals? Get the answer.

What is a Chip Time?
If you're new to running, you may not know what runners are talking about when they refer to their chip times. Find out what this road racing term means.

Should I Try to Improve My Distance or Speed?
Should beginner runners try to first work on speed or distance? Get the answer.

Can I Run in a Race I Didn't Register For?
Can you run in races you haven't registered for? Find out why this isn't a good idea.

Can I Burn Fat By Running?
Can I burn fat by running? Get the answer.

What Does My Face Turn Red When I Run?
Is a red face during or after running a sign that something is wrong? Get the answer.

What's the Best Way to Run Downhill?
Uphill running is challenging, but it's actually downhill running that can get runners into trouble. Here are some tips on downhill running.

How Can I Get Over Feeling Self-Conscious About Running?
Fear of being seen running in public keeps a lot of people from getting started with running. Here's how to get over feeling self-conscious when you're running outside or on a treadmill at the gym.

Is It Normal to Feel Pain When Running?
Is it normal to feel some pain during a run? Get the answer and find out what to do when you do experience pain while you're running.

When Will I Feel a Runner's High?
Do you have to run for a certain amount of time or at a certain pace to achieve a runner's high? Get the answer.

Can I Drink Coffee Before Running?
Is it OK to have a cup of coffee before a run? Get the answer.

How Can I Get Over the Running Blahs?
It's normal to go through periods of not feeling motivated to run. Here's how to beat the running blahs.

What's the Difference Between Running and Jogging?
Is there a difference between running and jogging? Get the answer.

What's the Best Running Surface?
What is the best surface or terrain for running? Find out if it's best to run on roads, sidewalks, grass, track, or trails.

How Long Will It Take to Run a 10K?
Wondering how long it might take to run a 10K? Here's how to predict your 10K time.

What Is a Good Time for a 5K?
Here's how to find out how your 5K race time compares with other runners' times.

Can I Run a 5K?
Wondering if you can run a 5K? Find out how.

What Running Clothes Should I Wear When Running?
Get tips on what to wear when running.

Ask the Running Coach
Get answers to frequently-asked questions about running basics, training, racing, nutrition, injuries, gear, and more.

What Is a Good Time for Running a Mile?
What's considered a good time for running a mile? Find out how to compare your mile time to others'.

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