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How Can I Measure My Run/Walk Intervals?


Updated April 19, 2014

Man and Woman walking

Question: How Can I Measure My Run/Walk Intervals?

"I've been doing the run/walk method, but I don't strictly measure my running and walking intervals. How can I measure them?"

Answer: If you're doing the run/walk method, that means that you're running for a certain period of time or distance, and then walking for a different interval. Some run/walkers will use landmarks, such as lampposts or telephone poles to measure their run or walk intervals, but man run/walkers use time. It can be annoying to constantly check your watch to know when your interval is over. Many run/walkers use a watch or other device that beeps to signal when they need to switch to walking or running.

A simple running watch such as the Timex Ironman has an interval timer feature. Another product that is a favorite among run/walkers is the Gymboss, a small, easy-to-use interval timer that can clip onto your shorts, shirt, jacket, or hat. Some run/walkers like the Gymboss because the beep is louder than a typical running watch, so it's easier to hear, especially when run/walking in a crowded race.

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