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Tapering is an important training phase for any long distance running event. Find out what tapering means.


Speedwork, also known as speed training, can help you run faster. Get the definition.

Lactate Threshold

Learn what your lactate threshold is and how to do improve it.

What's a Snot Rocket?

Wondering what it means when a runner performs a "snot rocket"? Get the definition of a snot rocket.

Tempo Run

Doing tempo runs on a regular basis can help you run faster. Get the definition of tempo run.


When running races, you'll find the corrals at the starting line. Find out exactly what corrals are.

Long Run

Find out exactly what is meant by a long run.

Clydesdale Division

Get the definition of the Clydesdale Division in road racing.

Masters Runner

Find out what it means to be a masters runner.


Get the definition of supination, also known as underpronation.

What is Overtraining?

Many running injuries are caused by overtraining. Find out the definition of overtraining.


The cooldown is an important part of any run. Get the definition.


Splits are a common term used in running, especially in road racing or speed training. Get the definition.

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