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Updated: July 10, 2007

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Now for oldie-but-goodies: the portable cassette tape player (commonly known as a Walkman) and the portable CD player (also known as the Discman).

Portable Cassette Player

These have been around for many years, and anyone who can use a tape deck should have little to no difficulty using one of these.


  • Easy to use (most people already know how to use them)
  • Very cost effective (can find them for $10, sometimes less)
  • Usually have a radio feature
  • Tapes are pretty inexpensive
  • Can buy blank tapes and record from CDs or radio to make your own play list
  • Some music (like military cadences) are easier to find on tape


  • Bulky (big, bounce a lot, are hard to hold during run)
  • Harder and harder to find tapes of new music
  • Most models are battery eaters
  • Can't control songs easily (skip or repeat)

Portable CD Player

In my mind, this is a better avenue to go if you are looking for a cost efficient option.


  • Easy to use
  • Very cost effective (can find them for about $15)
  • Many people already have a CD collection
  • Can buy a blank CD and record music from a computer, if you have the right equipment
  • Music on CDs is easy to come by
  • Can control music easily (skip, repeat, etc)


  • Bulky, though usually weigh less than a Walkman
  • Can skip (when running, CDs skip bits of songs and sometimes even shut player down momentarily)
  • Most models are battery eaters
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