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How Do I Avoid Having to Stop to Urinate During My Runs?


Updated January 07, 2014

Question: How Do I Avoid Having to Stop to Urinate During My Runs?
"During my long runs, I frequently have to stop to urinate. Is it possible to not have to stop to urinate during a long run or marathon?"
Answer: Yes, it is possible. If you find yourself stopping to pee during your long runs, you're most likely drinking too much prior to your run. You should drink 16 to 24oz of (non-caffeinated) fluid 1 hour before your workout or race. Stop drinking after that, and keep emptying your bladder. Drink another 4 to 8oz of fluid about 10 minutes before you start running, so that you're hydrated when you begin. To replace fluids while running, you should be drinking about 6 to 8 ounces of fluids every 20 minutes. If you hydrate properly like this, you shouldn't have to stop to pee.

If you continue to feel the urge to urinate or have problems with a leaky bladder, talk to your health care professional.

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