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Should I Run With a Hangover?


Updated April 15, 2014

Question: Should I Run With a Hangover?
I usually do my long runs on Saturday mornings with my team. But I like to go out on Friday nights and have a few drinks. Is it OK to run with a hangover?
Answer: I wouldn't recommend running with a hangover. The main reason why drinking alcohol doesn't mix with running is because alcohol has a dehydrating effect. When you're feeling hungover, you're actually very dehydrated.

So if you have a pretty bad hangover at the start of your run, you're already starting your run dehydrated, which is never a good thing. You might be able to get through a short run with a hangover (it still won't feel great), but it's dangerous to try to push through a long training run with a hangover because you could end up severely dehydrated.

You're also probably going to feel uncoordinated and clumsy when you have a hangover, which increases your risk for falling while running.

The bottom line: Try to save the alcoholic beverages for the night after your run. If you really want to have one alcoholic drink the night before a long run, make sure you're drinking plenty of water, too.

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