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Running Injury Prevention

Most common running injuries are due to overuse, overtraining, improper shoes, or a biomechanical flaw in body structure and motion. The good news is that many injuries can be prevented. Get tips on how to keep yourself up and running.

How To Prevent Running Injuries
Get tips on how to prevent the most common running injuries.

Products to Help Prevent and Treat Chafing
Taking steps to prevent chafing can help make your runs much more comfortable and pain-free. Try some of these products to help prevent and treat chafing caused by running.

How To Buy the Right Running Shoes
These tips should help you avoid some common shoe buying mistakes and keep you running injury-free.

How To Take a Post-Run Ice Bath
For recovery after a long run or a tough workout, nothing beats an ice bath. Soaking in a tub filled with water and ice will help reduce inflammation of tissues and joints, relieve soreness, and speed up your recovery. Here's how to do it.

Running Injury Prevention and Recovery Tools
If you're suffering from a running injury or trying to avoid one, try some of these tools to help you in your running injury prevention and recovery efforts.

Why Do I Feel So Sluggish and Tired During my Runs?
If you feel sluggish and slow during your runs, overtraining may be the cause. Find out what to do to avoid overtraining.

How To Do Toe Raises to Prevent Shin Splints
If you experience shin pain when running, it may be because of weak anterior tibalis muscles. Do this exercise a few times a week to develop the muscle and prevent shin splints.

How to Do Heel Raises to Prevent Shin Splints
Runners, especially beginners, can develop shin splints as they increase their mileage or when adding speedwork to their routines. Do these exercises a few times a week to help prevent shin splints.

Do Runners Need Rest Days?
Runners need rest days to recover and repair muscles to get stronger. Find out why else it's good for runners to take days off.

How Can I Avoid and Treat Muscle Cramps?
Muscle cramps are common among runners, especially those doing long distances. Get information on how to prevent and treat muscle cramps.

Should I Soak in Hot or Cold Water for the Best Post-run Recovery?
Is it better for runners to soak in hot or cold water for post-run muscle recovery? Get the answer here.

How to Prevent Side Stitches
Get advice on how to prevent side stitches or cramps.

Products to Help Prevent and Treat Blisters
Taking steps to prevent blisters can help make your runs much more comfortable and pain-free. Try some of these products to help prevent and treat blisters.

Spring into Running
Here's how to avoid injuries when you're coming off a winter of minimal running.

Video: Proper Running Form
Learn how to use to keep your body relaxed and efficient with this how-to video on proper running form.

Why Do My Toenails Hurt after Running?
If your toenails hurt after runs, you're at risk for black toenails. Here's how to avoid black toenails.

7 Steps for Running Injury Prevention
By treating pain in its early stages rather than waiting until you have a full-blown running injury, you can reduce your time off from running. Here are some ways you can be proactive in your approach to running injuries.

Signs Your Running Shoes Need to Be Replaced
One way to prevent running injuries is to replace your shoes at the right time. Here's how you know that you need new running shoes.

7 Lessons Runners Learn the Hard Way
Some runners learn running lessons the hard way - through experience. Here are some rules to keep in mind, so you can avoid the potentially painful or embarrassing consequences.

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