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Can I Run a Race With My Jogging Stroller?


Updated February 25, 2013

Mother with jogging stroller
Question: Can I Run a Race With My Jogging Stroller?
I'm signed up to do a 5K in a few weeks. I've done a lot of my training while pushing my daughter in a jogging stroller. Is it OK if I run the race with it?
Answer: As a mom of two little ones, I'm a huge fan of jogging strollers since they give parents the ability to stay active while juggling family and other responsibilites. But when it comes to running races with a jogging stroller, I think it's important to follow the rules of the race.

Most running races have a strict ban jogging strollers, and with good reason. It's hard enough for runners to maneuver around runners in crowded races, but running around someone pushing a jogging stroller is not only difficult (wasting valuable energy), it can also be unsafe. It's not fair to other runners to make them have to move around you or slow down.

Make it easier on yourself and run the race stroller-free -- you'll definitely run faster. And if you really want to do a race with your little one, look for an event that is stroller-friendly and stay in the back where you won't get in the way of other runners.

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