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Marathon Training Schedules for Runners

If you're planning to run a marathon (26.2 mile) race, try one of these marathon training plans for runners of all different levels.

Beginner Marathon Training Schedule
Ready to start training for your first marathon? Here's the perfect schedule for beginners whose goal is to finish.

Advanced Beginner Marathon Training Schedule
This 20-week marathon training schedule is geared toward advanced beginner runners.

Marathon Training and Running Tips for Beginners
Ready to train for and run a marathon? Here's advice for beginner runners about marathon training and running, from training schedules to long run tips to mental strategies.

Mile Repeats to Improve Your Marathon Time
If you've already run a marathon and you're hoping to improve your time, mile repeats are one of the best speed workouts you can do to run a faster marathon.

How to Run a Faster Marathon
After you've run your first marathon, you may be thinking that you want to improve your time for your next marathon. If you're hoping to run a faster marathon, try some of these tips:

How to Run Hill Repeats
Hill repeats are an excellent way for runners to build strength, improve their speed, and build their mental strength and confidence in hill running. Here's how to run hill repeats.

How to Do Yasso 800s
Yasso 800s are a popular workout among runners who are trying to run a faster marathon and achieve a specific marathon goal. Here's how to do a Yasso 800 speed workout.

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