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Seniors Exercise and Running

Are you a senior who wants to start running? Want to know more about senior exercise? From starting a new senior exercise routine to tips on running just for seniors, this page has it all.
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10 Things I Learned from Endurance Sports and Use in Running
I learned some things from those endurance activities that I continue to apply to running and other parts of life. Learn from my experiences in running and other endurance sports to improve your life, your health, and your running!
Senior Marathon Training Program
This program designed for seniors, but useful for many others, features 3 days of running, 2 days of crosstraining, and 2 days of rest each week.
National Master's News
From events to sports medicine, national master's news is a respected publication for all things master's.
Pose Method for Senior Runners
This article explains the best way for seniors to get started on caring more for their bodies through running, whether they are beginner runners or have been running for decades.
Master's Survey Results
See how you fit in with this interesting statistical information culled by Hal Higdon for one of his books, The Runner's World Guide to Master's Running.
Chicago Athlete's Senior Running Basics
This article gives some tips about what runners need to consider as they continue running into their twilight years.
Master's Track
This page is all about older runners in track. From photos to stats and results, this page has everything there is to know about track events for master's runners.
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