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How Can I Get Over the Running Blahs?


Updated November 20, 2013

Question: How Can I Get Over the Running Blahs?
I ran my first marathon in February. I've barely run since then. Although I want to run, I don't. And to make matters worse, I've gained weight from not exercising and eating junk food. How do I get out of this rut and get motivated to run?
Answer: After achieving a major goal like running a marathon, it's common for runners to get the post-race blues or just not feel motivated to run. If you're feeling that way, try some of these ideas to re-start your running habit and boost your motivation:

Pick a new race. For many runners, that's the incentive they need to get back in the groove. Following a training schedule gives some structure to your running. If you're bored with traditional races, try a fun theme race, like an obstacle course race or a color run.

Join a charity team. If you trained on your own for your last race, you might find that the group motivation and running for a cause breathes new life into your training. Knowing that people are supporting your efforts also gives you motivation to stick to it.

Give yourself rewards. In addition to having a race to work toward, it helps to have rewards for reaching other goals. Buy yourself a new running outfit after you running regularly for a month, and then go for a massage or a pedicure every 2 or 3 months.

Do more cross training. You may feel a little burned out after running so much during marathon training. Mix things up and try some different activities, like biking or swimming, so you can build fitness without having to run all the time.

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