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Nutrition and Hydration for Runners

Whether you're trying to lose weight, training for a race, or running for fitness, get advice on what and when to eat and drink before, during, and after your runs.
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Best Foods for Runners
Here are some of the best foods to help runners achieve a healthy diet and boost their performance.

Diet and Nutrition for Runners
As a runner, your diet is important not for only maintaining good health, but also to promote peak performance when running. Get advice on what and when you should be eating.

5 Smart Eating Rules for Runners
Follow these smart and healthy eating rules to get the most out of your food -- and your runs.

Nutrition for Long Distance Runners
Nutrition and hydration are critical to training for and running long distance races such as half marathons and marathons. Here are some basics about running nutrition and hydration, including what, when, and how much to eat and drink.

How to Stay Hydrated Before, During, and After Your Runs
Staying hydrated is critical to your running performance and, more importantly, for preventing heat-related illnesses. Runners need to pay attention to what and how much they're drinking before, during and after exercise.

What to Eat and Drink Before Your Long Runs
You nutrition and hydration during the days leading up to your long run is critical to your performance and comfort. Here's what you should be eating and drinking before your long runs.

How Can I Avoid Going to the Bathroom During Runs?
Some runners experience gastrointestinal disorders or diarrhea, also know as "runner's trots", during runs. Find out what to do if it happens to you and how to avoid it in the first place.

Should I Eat Before a Run?
Find out when and what to eat before running.

Running for Weight Loss
Many people start running because they want to lose weight. Get practical tips on how to be successful with weight loss through running and healthy eating.

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