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Olympic Running Events

Get information about the 2012 Summer Olympics and Olympic sports connected with running.
  1. Modern Pentathlon (11)
  2. Olympic Distance Running (10)
  3. Olympic Triathlon (13)
  4. Olympics Sprints and Relays (8)

All About Olympic Distance Running
From the near-sprint of the 800 meters to the two-hour drama of the marathon, distance running events will reliably provide some of the great moments of any Olympic Games.

All About Olympic Sprints and Relays
From the 100-meter dash to the 4 x 400 relays, the sprint and relay running events provide some of the great track and field moments of any Olympic Summer Games.

All About the Olympic Modern Pentathlon
The sport of Modern Pentathlon has been called a true representation of the Olympic movement and the sport that most accurately conveys the ideals of the Olympics. Get information about its history, rules, and how to compete.

All About the Olympic Triathlon
Get information about the history, rules, and how to qualify for the triathlon in the Olympic games.

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