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Learn to Compete in the Modern Pentathlon


Updated September 13, 2011

The Olympic Modern Pentathlon consists of five events. Learn how to participate in the five disciplines of the competition.

Pistol shooting: The shooting event in the pentathlon involves using a 4.5 millimeter air pistol to fire 20 shots at 20 targets from a distance of 10 meters.

Epee fencing: The fencing competition in the pentathlon is epee fencing, which is the only type of fencing in which the entire body is the valid target area.

Swimming: The swimming event is a 200-meter freestyle race.

Riding: The riding event involves jumping over hurdles of a maximum height of 1.20m.

Cross-country running: The running event in the pentathlon consists of a cross-country race conducted on an uneven terrain or on a public road and over a distance of 3 km (3,000 m) for both men and women.

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