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Olympics Sprints and Relays

From the 100-meter dash to the 4 x 400 relays, the sprint and relay running events provide some of the great track and field moments of any Olympic Summer Games.

Running Quotes from Olympic Runners
Great runners are an inspiration to watch, but they all say a lot of inspirational things. Get motivated with these running quotes from Olympic greats.

What Are Olympic Sprints and Relays?
Get information on the events that make up the sprint and relay races of the Summer Olympic Games.

Olympic Sprint and Relays Rules
Learn about the rules of competition for sprints and relays in the Summer Olympic Games.

How to Become an Olympic Track & Field Athlete
Find out what it takes to become a member of the Olympic Track and Field team in the sprint and relay events.

Greatest Moments in Olympic Sprints and Relays
Some of the greatest athletes in Olympic track and field history gained their primary success in sprint and relay races. Here are the top give greatest moments in Olympic sprints and relays history.

Steroid Scandals in Olympic Sprints and Relay Competition
Numerous athletes have been disqualified for taking performance-enhancing substances since drug testing began at the 1968 Olympics.

Illustrated History of Sprints and Relays
Learn about the evolution of sprints and relays in the Summer Olympic Games.

Sprint and Relay Action Photo Gallery
Watch sprinters and relay runners race to glory in the following photos from Olympic, World Championship and other assorted competitions.

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