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7 Secrets of Skinny Runners


Updated May 16, 2014

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Skinny runners make running a priority.
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John P Kelly
Runners who lose weight or maintain their weight make sure they run regularly -- at least 3 or 4 times a week. They don't let excuses get in the way of their running. They know that there may be times when their motivation is lacking, but they have plenty of motivation strategies to get them through the tough times. Skinny runners put themselves first and know that running is important to their physical and mental health, so they make sure running is always a part of their regular routine.

What to Do:

Here's how you can make running a priority in your life:

  • Run in the morning. Morning runners are more consistent than those who run at other times of the day. When you run first thing in the morning, you won't have to worry about putting off your run because something else comes up during the day or you're too exhausted in the evening to run.
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  • Turn off the television. You can fit in a 30-minute run just by giving up one sitcom -- especially if it's a rerun. You'll definitely feel a lot better and you probably won't feel like you're missing out.
  • Remind yourself of all the great benefits of running, such as improved physical and mental health, and all the reasons you started running.
  • Run with buddies. The social aspect of running is one of the key reasons people start, and stick, with it. Find a local running club or recruit some friends to run with you.
  • If you have kids and have little time to run, schedule your runs and get your spouse on board so you get help with some of the child-care responsibilities. And get creative and take advantage of opportunities to run. For example, if you're watching your kid's soccer game, run some laps around the field before or even during the game. Or, see if you can find a gym that offers baby-sitting so that you can run on the treadmill while someone is watching your kids. Think of the extra expense as an investment in your physical and mental health.
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