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Cross Country Running Quotes


Updated February 02, 2014

Cross country runners are a special breed of runners. Here are some running quotes about cross country running:
  • "The start of a World Cross Country event is like riding a horse in the middle of a buffalo stampede. It's a thrill if you keep up, but one slip and you're nothing but hoof prints."
    -Ed Eyestone
  • "The freedom of Cross Country is so primitive. It's woman vs. nature."
    - Lynn Jennings, Three-time World Cross Country Champ
  • "Running taught me valuable lessons. In cross-country competition, training counted more than intrinsic ability, and I could compensate for a lack of natural aptitude with diligence and discipline. I applied this in everything I did."
    -Nelson Mandela
  • "The footing was really atrocious. I loved it. I really like Cross Country; you're one with the mud."
    -Lynn Jennings
  • "Cross Country: No half times, no time outs, no substitutions. It must be the only true sport."
    - Anonymous
  • "We told our guys to hold on for 30 minutes of agony for 12 months of glory."
    - John McDonnell, Arkansas Country Country Coach
  • "Number one is just to gain a passion for running. To love the morning, to love the trail, to love the pace on the track. And if some kid gets really good at it, that's cool too."
    - Pat Tyson, track and cross country coach
  • "My sport is your sport's punishment."
    -seen on cross country runner's T-shirt
  • "Cross Country is like poker. You have to be holding five good cards all the time."
    -Rollie Geiger, North Carolina State Coach
  • "For something to hurt that bad, and feel so good, it's just inexplicable."
    - Adam Goucher, NCAA Cross Country Division 1 Individual Champ - 1998

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