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Running Quotes

Get Inspired With These Running Quotations


Updated March 27, 2014

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Whether you're trying to establish a running habit or training for a marathon, reading running quotes can help you stay motivated to continue running and to push yourself harder. Check out these lists of running quotes for some inspiration.

Motivational Running Quotes: Browse through these lists of running quotes for inspiring and thought-provoking quotes.

Funny Running Quotes: If you're looking for a laugh, check out these funny running quotes that celebrate runners' unique sense of humor.
Running Quotes for Race Spectator Signs: If you're going to be cheering at a marathon or other race, here are some great quotes for your signs.
Quotes About Half and Full Marathon Running: Check out these lists to get inspired and excited about running a marathon.
Running Quotes and Slogans for T-Shirts: Do you enjoy reading other runners' shirts as you pass each other? Here's a chance to read lots of funny and inspirational slogans for running T-shirts all at once.
Quotes from Runners: Read quotes about running from famous professional and Olympic runners, celebrities, and running experts.

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