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Inspiring Marathon Spectator Signs

Support marathoners with inspiring quotes


Updated December 17, 2013

Christine Luff Embrace Your Pace sign
Christine Luff youareahero.jpg
Christine Luff

Marathon runners could definitely use some inspiration during their 26.2 mile journey. Here are some inspirational quotes for spectators' signs:

  • "On this day, you're my hero."

  • "Pain is temporary, pride is forever."

  • "You've done harder things than this."

  • "Mind over muscle."

  • "Sweat is liquid awesome."

  • "If you're starting to get tired, stop being tired and start being awesome."

  • "Dig deeper!"

  • "You made it to the START, you will make it to the FINISH."

  • "Never back down.

  • "Pain is just weakness leaving your body."

  • "Success tastes salty not sweet."

  • "Remember the reasons you are running."

  • 26.2 miles...because 26.3 is crazy."

  • "Think bragging rights"

  • "My mom (or dad) is my hero"

  • "Your high school gym teacher would be so proud"

  • "It's not 26.2 miles…it's 10 water stops."

  • "Last is just the slowest winner."

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