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Running Shoe Reviews, Recommendations, and Advice

Choosing the right running shoes is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a runner. Get advice and recommendations for all types of feet and running styles.

Best Men's Running Shoes for Overpronators
Runners with flat feet most likely overpronate, which means that their feet roll inward when they run. Here are some excellent running shoe options for men with flat feet.

Best Women's Running Shoes for Overpronators
Check out these running shoes for women who overpronate when they run.

Best Men's Running Shoes for Underpronators
Here are some of the best running shoes for men who have high arches and underpronate.

Best Women's Running Shoes for Underpronators
Check out these running shoe options for women who have high arches and underpronate.

Best Men's Running Shoes for Neutral Runners
Neutral runners don't underpronate or overpronate and can choose from a wide variety of running shoes, including ones made for neutral runners or those with slightly flat-feet or high-arched feet. Here are recommendations for male neutral runners.

Best Women's Running Shoes for Neutral Runners
Here are some of the best running shoes for female neutral runners.

How to Find a Specialty Running Store
Finding a specialty running store that will properly fit you with the right running shoes is critical to your comfort, running performance and injury prevention efforts. It's not always easy to find one in your local area, so you may have to travel a little. But it's well worth your time and effort. Once you're fitted for the right shoe and...

How to Make Your Running Shoes Last Longer
The better you care for your running shoes, the longer they'll last. Here are some tips for making your running shoes last longer.

Top Trail Running Shoes for Men
Get recommendations for trail running shoes with the best traction, stability and durability.

Top Trail Running Shoes for Women
If you frequently run on trails or in bad weather, you should wear a sturdy running shoe with with added traction and a thicker sole. Check out these top trail running shoes for women.

Signs Your Running Shoes Need to Be Replaced
One of the best things you can do to prevent running injuries is to replace your shoes at the right time. Here's how you know that it's time for new running shoes.

Should I Wear New Running Shoes for My Marathon?
Marathon runners often wonder if it's better to wear new, old, or slightly used running shoes on race day. Get the answer.

Are My Running Shoes Too Small?
Some runners don't realize that they're wearing running shoes that are actually too small for them. Find out how to know if your running shoes are too small.

What Are Your Favorite Running Shoes?
Finding the right running shoe for you depends on your foot type and running style. What are your favorite running shoes? Why do they work for you? Share your recommendations for running shoes.

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes
Vibram FiveFingers Shoes are all the rage now, with more runners and walkers embracing barefoot running. Review your Vibram FiveFingers and tell other runners whether they're worth the money.See submissions

Review Toning Shoes
Toning shoes are supposed to help you burn calories, tone your muscles, improve your posture, and reduce joint stress -- all without stepping foot in a gym. How you found the claims to be true? Which brand and model of toning shoes do you have? Did you notice a difference between them and regular running shoes? Are they comfortable and durable?...See submissions

Can I Wear Road Running Shoes When Running on Trails?
Is it OK to wear road running shoes when running on trails? Get the answer.

How Long Does It Take To Break in Running Shoes?
How long does it take to break in running shoes? Get the answer.

Can I Return Running Shoes?
Is it possible to return running shoes once you've worn them? Get the answer.

Can I Wear Trail Running Shoes When Running on Roads?
Is it safe to run on the road wearing trail running shoes? Get the answer.

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