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How Long Does It Take To Break in Running Shoes?


Updated May 14, 2013

Question: How Long Does It Take To Break in Running Shoes?
"I recently got new running shoes. My feet were a little sore after the first couple of runs in them and I got a few blisters. How long should it take to break in my running shoes?"
Answer: If you got properly fitted for running shoes and you're wearing the right shoes for your feet, they really shouldn't require a break-in period. They should feel comfortable starting with your first run. If you're getting blisters or the shoe feels uncomfortable, they may be too small. Your feet swell when you run, so you should make sure that you're wearing running shoes that are at least a half size to full size bigger than your regular shoe size. Visit a running specialty store and have a salesperson look at your feet and do a gait analysis so you get the right running shoes for you.

If you get a different model of running shoe than you've worn in the past, try them out by doing a couple of shorter runs in them. If you're developing blisters or feel pain, take them back to the store. Most good running stores will give a refund or store credit for running shoes that have only been worn a couple of times.
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