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Which Side of the Road Should I Run On?


Updated March 28, 2014

Running Against Traffic
Chase Jarvis

Question: Which Side of the Road Should I Run On?

"I run outside a lot and I usually run against traffic. Is that the right way to run on the road?"

Answer: Yes, you're doing the right thing by running against traffic. Running so that you can see cars coming at you is much safer than having cars at your back. In some areas, it's not even a matter of choice -- the law requires that runners and walkers face oncoming traffic.

Drivers have a lot of distractions and they may not see you until the last minute (or until it's too late). But you can take control of your own safety by facing traffic. If a car is coming toward you, make sure you get out of the way, if it looks like a close call. You should never assume that a driver can see you.

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