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Moving Comfort Endurance Shorts

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Updated January 25, 2014

Moving Comfort Endurance Shorts
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The Bottom Line

Moving Comfort's endurance shorts can make your runs in the summer's heat much more pleasant and comfortable.
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  • Lightweight and comfortable material
  • Doesn't ride up while you're running
  • Comes in fun colors


  • Some women may prefer more coverage.


  • Inside pocket at waistband to carry keys, ID, gel or money
  • Stretch drawstring
  • Inseam 3"
  • 86% polyester, 14% Spandex
  • 100% Coolmax polyester liner

Guide Review - Moving Comfort Endurance Shorts

With this pair of running shorts, Moving Comfort definitely stands by the name of their company. They're extremely comfortable to run in, even if you're going for an extra-long, sweaty run. The 86% polyester, 14% Spandex-fabric blend is lightweight and moves with you as you run. Unlike other running shorts I've tried, these don't ride up at all. The experience is like getting the comfort of a Spandex short, without having to run around in skintight clothes.

The endurance shorts' Coolmax liner wicks away the sweat, so you're left feeling dry. They're available in many different fun and vibrant colors.

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