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MarathonGirl Ultra Running Skirt

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Updated February 07, 2011

MarathonGirl Ultra Running Skirt
Photo courtesy of Skirt Sports

The Bottom Line

If you have trouble finding comfortable running shorts and you like looking feminine and sexy when you run, give Skirt Sports' MarathonGirl Ultra running skirt a try.


  • Doesn't ride up like some running shorts
  • You can feel like a hard-core runner while feeling feminine
  • Small pocket in the back can hold keys, money, gels
  • Lightweight, comfortable


  • Only comes in three colors – pink, white, or black


  • Built-in performance Spankies with wicking nylon liner for comfort
  • Non-binding, non-elastic waistband with center-back pocket
  • High performance mesh fabric on the side for breathability

Guide Review - MarathonGirl Ultra Running Skirt

I was never a big fan of running skirts until I tried SkirtSports' Marathon Girl Ultra running skirt. Now I'm officially a convert. This running skirt is more comfortable than most running shorts I own and, let's face it, it's so darn cute. I felt fun and confident while running in it. It's perfect for women who often find themselves heading out to do errands immediately after their runs or workouts.

The built-in "Spankies" underneath the skirt are made from with a wicking nylon liner, which really stays put, so you don't feel the need to constantly tug and readjust the skirt.

The skirt is practical, too: It has a little pocket in the back, near the waist, to carry money, keys, two gels, or even a cell phone. I liked this skirt so much I found other uses for it beyond running. I discovered that it's a perfect bathing suit cover-up to wear at the pool or beach.

The only real downside is that the color selection is limited. I would love it if it came in more of a variety of hues so that I could mix and match with more of my running tops.

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