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Personalized Running Gifts

Surprise the Runners on Your List With a Unique Gift


Updated December 06, 2013

If you're looking a unique gift for a runner in your life, or you want to give yourself a special treat, check out these personalized running gifts.

Race Bib Album

Runner BibFOLIO
Photo courtesy of goneforaRUN.com
Many runners like to hang onto their race bibs as mementos, but they usually end up stuffed in a drawer or box. The BibFOLIO is the perfect way to organize, display, and preserve all your race bibs. They have several different styles and all are customizable and can be personalized.
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MedalART Race Medal Hanger

Medal Art Hangers
Photo courtesy of goneforaRUN.com
Runners can show off their hard-earned race bling with these MedalART Wall Hangers. These original designs are hand sculpted from metal and make a great piece of wall art. Medals easily slip onto the hanger, which can hold more than 24 medals.
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Race Bib Personalized Christmas Ornament

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
This personalized ornament is the perfect way to commemorate a 5k, 10K, or a marathon.  You can choose from 8 different color options, then add any name, year, race, distance, finish time, bib number, and an optional line of personalization.

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Bracelet or Necklace Charms

marathon necklace charm
Photo courtesy of ideclarecharms.com
These adorable sterling silver charms can be personalized with any race, distance, or time. Perfect for the runner who wants to show off her marathon medal, but knows she can't wear it all the time!

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Running T-shirt Quilt

Wondering what to do with that stack of cotton race T-shirts that you don't wear, but don't want to part with?  The Campus Quilt Company can make a quilt from your T-shirts. This beautiful keepsake is functional, and also preserves your race memories. If you don't want a whole quilt (or don't have enough shirts), you could also get a pillow made.

Marathon Finishers' Keepsakes

boston marathon bib frame
Photo courtesy Fond Memories Graphics
Did you or someone you know recently complete a marathon? Fond Memories Graphics can create a shadow box to preserve and beautifully display your race memories, including a race medal, race number, and a race photo, in a shadow box. You don't even have to send them your medal (they have extras).

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Engraved Sports ID Bracelet

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
A sports ID bracelet is one safety item that every runner should have. This Paracord IDmeBAND does more than just provide your name and contact information in the event of an emergency. IDmeBANDs are made with a super-strong paracord that, when needed, can be uncoiled and used in various situations, from making a tourniquet, to a fishing line, to using it as a tow rope, or as an emergency shoelace for your running shoe. Up to 6 lines of engraving available.

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