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Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Small Running Gifts


Updated November 29, 2013

Looking for a small gift for your favorite runner? Check out this list of perfect stocking stuffers that runners will love.

BudFits iPod Earbud Holder

bud fits ipod bud holder
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

BudFits mold to your ear's shape and hold iPod earbuds in place while you're running. Runners who listen to music on the run will love this accessory.

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Grabber Hand Warmers

Grabber Hand Warmers
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Runners who do a lot of running in cold weather will appreciate these disposable hand warmers to keep their hands warm and toasty.

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Engraved ID Bracelet - Paracord IDmeBAND

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
This sports ID bracelet does more than just provide your name and contact information in the event of an emergency. IDmeBANDs are made with a super-strong paracord that, when needed, can be uncoiled and used in various situations, from making a tourniquet, to a fishing line, to using it as a tow rope, or as an emergency shoelace for your running shoe. Up to 6 lines of engraving available.

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Zensah Smart Running Gloves

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
These Zensah Smart Running Gloves keep fingers warm while still allowing you to use your touch screen smart phone or iPod. Their proprietary Zensah fabric provides ultra-breathability and comfort during your cold runs.

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Running Wine Stopper

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
These tumbled Italian marble wine stoppers are a cute way to show off your love of running and wine. Choose from "Running Diva", "Running Makes Your Stronger", "Will Run for Wine" and "Never Stop Running...And Enjoying Good Wine."


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Half and Full Marathon Christmas Ornaments

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
These adorable 13.1 and 26.2 ornaments will help runners reminisce about their half or full marathon every year at Christmas.

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Jelly Belly Sports Beans

Jelly Belly Sport Beans
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Long distance runners have to eat during their runs and these Jelly Belly Sport Beans are a yummy and convenient option. Available in six different flavors, any runner would be happy to find these in their stocking.
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26.2 Running Socks

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
These running socks are a fun way to make a statement about your marathon achievement. They're also perfect for running. Made from recycled Merino wool, nylon and spandex blend, they stay cool and wick moisture away. They're also available in the 13.1 variety for half-marathoners.

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Nathan Power Shower Wipes

Nathan Shower Wipes
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
These portable, travel size shower wipes are perfect if you need to freshen up after a workout, but don't have time to go home. They're safe to use on your entire body and will leave you looking great and smelling clean.
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Runner Stickers

Runner girl sticker
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Show off your runner status with a Runner Girl, 26.2 or 13.1 sticker on your car.

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Body Glide
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
BodyGlide is a lubricant that's designed to prevent blisters and/or chafing in vulnerable areas, such as your feet, inner thighs, sports bra lines and underarms. Long distance runners go through a lot of BodyGlide, so a replacement stick is always a welcome gift.
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