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Trail Running

Getting off the roads and onto trails is a fun and exciting way to shake up your running routine. Get information on trail running, including how to get started and where to run.

Best Trail Running Shoes for Men
Check out these top trail running shoes for men.

Top Trail Running Shoes for Women
Check out these top trail running shoes for women.

Tips for Trail Running
If running on the roads is starting to bore you, try switching up your routine with a trail run. Keep the following tips in mind before you hit the trails.

Ways Runners Can Be More Green and Protect the Environment
Lots of runners and race organizers are making an effort to become more environmentally-conscious these days. Here are some simple ways that runners can be more green and help protect the environment:

Great Trail Running Destinations in the U.S.
Whether you prefer mountain paths, urban running trails or backcountry treks, there are thousands of trail options all over the country to satisfy your urge to explore the great outdoors. Try some of these destinations.

How to Avoid Falls While Running
Although running isn't a contact sport, plenty of runners manage to fall and get pretty banged up. Often someone or something else -- a cyclist, another runner, or bad conditions -- is to blame for a wipe-out, but sometimes it's just our own clumsiness. Follow these tips to help prevent falls during your runs:

Map Your Runs
Mapping your running routes has never been easier! Use this site to plot your run and it will calculate your distance. You can create and save your runs and also search for new routes in your area.

Run The Planet
Get running tips, as well as races and routes around the world.

Things You Don't Want to See on the Trails
You always want to be aware of your surroundings when running on trails. Here are 10 things to try to avoid on running trails.

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