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Are you travelling and want to find the best places to run? Doing an out of town race and need all the info about where to stay, what to see, and where to eat? Try these articles and reviews to have the most pleasant experiences a runner can have!
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A Checklist for Racing on Vacation or Other Trips
Racing out-of-town and want to make sure you don't leave anything you need for your run at home? Use this checklist to make sure you're never without what you need to race comfortably.
A Checklist for Running on Vacation or Business Trips
Want to make sure you don't leave anything you need for your runs at home? Use this checklist to make sure you're never without your running things on vacations or business trips.
Runners' Travel Pocketbook
Personalized, concentrated, information chosen by you and only you. It is your Runners' Travel Pocketbook (Rtp by Rtp) for when you go running away from home. Enter into our printshop and select the pages you want.
Louis Logan Ė Adventure Travel for Running & Hiking Enthusiasts
Leader in luxury retreats and unique marathon experiences. Enjoy majestic scenery, top resorts, fine dining and diverse activities beyond running and hiking. Activities led by renowned experts from the worlds of cuisine, exercise, health, the arts, winemaking and more.
Running and Racing in Okinawa, Japan
Will says: "Iím a runner currently in Okinawa, Japan, and I have posted a website that supports American runners on tour and living in Okinawa, Japan. Since itís somewhat hard to find out about local races, Iíve constructed the largest events listing of Okinawa, Japan. It is larger than all other Japanese sources because it includes all on-base events too."
Run The World
This company takes you on the running vacation of a lifetime and is socially concious!
Travel and Run in Safety
Don't ruin your vacation by running when you shouldn't. With common sense and these precautions as your guides, enjoy your run and your vacation.
Andes Adventures (Travel and Running Expeditions)
Spectacular tours, trekking and running adventures in the Peruvian Andes and Patagonia. Tour Cusco and explore Machu Picchu. Hike or run the Inca Trail! See Torres del Paine and visit Tierra del Fuego National Park.
Running is The Best Way to See the Sights
This interesting story about how one man makes the most out of his travels will surely have you lacing up your shoes on your next vacation.
A Travel Agency for All Your Running Needs
Marathon Tours and Travel is a full service travel agency and the only company in North America specializing full time in travel to running events worldwide.
Can't Fit in a Run During Your Travels? Are You Sure?
When running becomes an obsession, even travelling for business has it's perks.
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