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Fartlek Treadmill Workout

Beat treadmill boredom with this speed workout


Updated January 22, 2014

This treadmill workout is a fartlek workout that will not only help improve your speed, but also help prevent boredom on the treadmill. It was designed by Mike Simon, a NSCA-certified personal trainer and cross-country/track and field coach in Westchester County, N.Y. The distance and speeds are best for intermediate runners, but you can change the speeds based on your running level.

Workout Instructions:

Interval Fartlek Workout
Warm up 5 minutes - walk/slow jog at 3.5 MPH, at a 7% incline.
One mile Run at 6.0 MPH, at a 1% incline.
Rest Set Slow it down to 5.0 MPH and run for 3 minutes.
Work Set Speed up to 6.8 MPH for 30 seconds.
Rest Set Go back to 5.0 MPH for 3 minutes.
Rest/Work Sets Keep repeating the 3 minute/30 seconds intervals until the clock reaches 25 minutes.
One mile Run at 6.0 MPH for another mile.
Cool down Slowly jog for 5 minutes at 3.5 MPH at a slight incline (5% to 7%).

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