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Running is a great way to get outside and explore new areas. Get tips on how to map your routes and get recommendations for races and runs in the U.S. and all over the world.
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7 Ways to Find Running Routes When Traveling
Finding safe running routes when you're traveling on vacation or for work is not always easy. Here are tips to help you discover the best runs wherever you may be:

Green Running - Ideas for Green Running
Lots of runners and race organizers are making an effort to become more environmentally-conscious these days. What running-related things are you doing to help protect the enviroment? Do you use a reusable water bottle? Donate your used running shoes and clothes? Share your green running ideas.

Tips for Running on the Beach
Running on the beach can not only be a peaceful, beautiful running experience, but it can also help make you a stronger runner. Running in the sand, especially dry sand, is tougher than running on pavement, so you'll definitely work harder on the beach. But being able to jump in the water after you're finished will make it worth your effort. Here are some tips for running on the beach:

Tips for Running While Traveling
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, get tips on how to keep running while you're away.

Where Should I Run?
Get information on where you should run, how to figure out how far you're running, and the best surfaces for running.

Rules for Running on a Track
Tracks are a safe, convenient location for running, but you may feel a nervious running on a track if you've never done it before. Here are some basic rules for track running.

Top Spring Marathons in the U.S.
Looking for a spring marathon in the U.S.? Check out this list of top U.S. spring marathons.

Find Local Races
Running road races, from 5K to marathons, is a great way to maintain your running motivation. Follow these tips to find races close to home.

What's the Best Running Surface?
What is the best surface or terrain for running? Find out if it's best to run on roads, sidewalks, grass or trails.

Keep Running While You're Visiting Relatives
Staying with family or friends can sometimes make it difficult to maintain a regular running schedule. But it is possible to still get some runs in without coming across as a rude or inconsiderate guest. Try some of these strategies to make it easier:

Where to Run in New York City
Where's a New Yorker or a visitor to New York City to run? There are lots of incredible options.

Great Trail Running Destinations in the U.S.
Whether you prefer mountain paths, urban running trails or backcountry treks, there are thousands of trail options all over the country to satisfy your urge to explore the great outdoors. Try some of these destinations.

Ways Runners Can Be More Green and Protect the Environment
Lots of runners and race organizers are making an effort to become more environmentally-conscious these days. Here are some simple ways that runners can be more green and help protect the environment:

How Can I Prepare for Running at Altitude?
Are you going to running at a higher altitude than you're used to? Here are some ways you can prepare for and successfully run at higher altitude.

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