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Tips for Running While Traveling

Keep running while on vacation or business trips


Updated July 08, 2014

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you may be wondering how you can fit your running schedule into your travel plans. Follow these tips and strategies so you don't have to put your running on hold while you're on the road.

Run in the morning.

Woman Running on Beach in the Morning
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If you get your run over with early in the day, it won't interfere with your sightseeing, relaxation, or work-related activities. And if you're traveling to a warm weather climate, getting out early means you won't be running in the heat of the day.
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Do research before you leave.

Woman on computer
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Check out sites such as Map My Run or Run The Planet for running routes at your vacation locale. If you already have a few running routes in hand, you won't feel as apprehensive about running at your destination once you arrive.
How to Find Running Routes When Traveling

Run on the treadmill.

Treadmill running watching TV
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Most hotels and cruise ships have a gym with at least one treadmill. If weather or safety is an issue, try to jump on the treadmill for a few miles every other day -- that should be enough to maintain your fitness.

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Take advantage of cross-training.

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When you're on vacation, you may be doing activities that aren't part of your usual exercise routine, such as hiking, kayaking, biking, or swimming. One of those cross-training activities can be a substitute for your run, so don't feel pressure to run AND do one of those cross-training activities in one day.

Find a local gym.

Treadmill runners
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If the place you're staying at doesn't have a gym, try to find one locally where you can work out. Some gyms offer day guest passes or allow guests to work out for a small fee. Also, check and see if your hometown gym has a branch in the city you're visiting.

Stop in the local running shop.

Running Shoe Store
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Running specialty shops are a great resource for out-of-town runners. Stop in and ask about suggested running routes. They may even offer a free group run that you can join.

Get a massage.

Runner getting massage
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If you've been doing a lot of intense training, schedule a sports massage during your vacation. In addition to being a nice reward for your hard work, it can help loosen up some tight muscles and stiff areas.

Find a race.

Runners in road race
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Search on sites such as Active.com to see if there's a race during the time you'll be staying at your destination. Running a race is a great way to check out the area and it will guarantee that you'll run at least once during your stay.

Ask the hotel for running routes.

Hotel lobby
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You're not the first runner to stay at your hotel, so there's a good chance that they have suggestions for running routes that start at the hotel. Some hotels even offer guided runs for guests, such as the Westin's RunWESTIN program.

Don't stress -- you're on vacation!

Beach Vacation
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If you end up not having the time (or desire) to run while on vacation, don't beat yourself up over it. You won't lose much fitness with a week off from running.
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