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Can Runners Get Pedicures?


Updated May 21, 2014

Justin Sullivan

Question: Can Runners Get Pedicures?

"I'm training for my first marathon and I have a lot of calluses on the bottom of my feet. Is it OK for me to get a pedicure?"

Answer: Taking care of your feet is very important when you're training for a marathon. It's important to keep your toenails short to help prevent black toenails. Getting a pedicure can also be a great way to treat yourself after a tough, long run.

So, although toenails trimming and painting is safe for marathon runners, you should definitely not let the pedicurist remove your thickened, callused skin with a razor or emery board. The callused skin serves as blister protection for your feet, so if it's removed, you'll be more at risk for blisters. Instead of removing your calluses, ask the pedicurist to spend some extra time massaging your feet and calves. It will feel great!

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