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Hard Things Can Be Done With Work

Share Your Story: Your Half Marathon Story

By Coffeerun

Updated December 26, 2009

Half Marathon Name and Date

500 Festival Mini Marathon (Indianapolis, IN) May - 2006

Number of half marathons completed

3 & 1 Marathon

Would you run another half marathon?

Yes - signed up for 500 Festival Mini Marathon for 2010

How I Trained for My Half Marathon

I used Hal Higdon's Half Marathon training method. I used the beginner program. I trained almost totally by myself. The program was 12 weeks long.

I had two short runs with the man I was going to run the race with with a couple of weeks before the race.

How I Ran My Half Marathon

The first mile was very slow, I planned about a 9:30 pace to get warmed up. Because it was so crowded, we could only get about a 9:50 the first mile. It was not until about 5 miles in that we could really run without and not be hindered a lot by other runners. We ran negative splits the second half of the race.

I ran the race with my friend Tom, he has been a runner for about 20 years, I had only been running a little over a year at the time. I had trained for the race, Tom had basically kept to his regular running and lifting routine. There were times during the race where Tom would get a step on me and I would think, there is no way I am going to let him beat me, because I had trained harder for it than he had. I would pick it up and stay with him. At other times I would get a step on Tom and he told me later that he had the same thoughts and that he could not let me get away from him.

My goal was for us to finish in under 2 hours, we finished in 1:59:27. It was a great day!

Lessons Learned

  • I learned that running with a partner is great motivation. You can feed off of each other's energy and help each other get through the tough times. You don't want to let your partner down, you want don't want to lose them.
  • For me one of the greatest things was that about 2 years before I weighed a hundred pounds more than I weighed on race day! I could not run a half mile without stopping. I learned that with patience and hard work, you can do things that seem impossible. It takes time, it takes work, but it can be done! Once it is accomplished, it cannot be taken away!

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