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How I Achieved My Half Marathon Time Goal

Share Your Story: Your Half Marathon Story

By RustysGal

Updated February 25, 2010

How I Achieved My Half Marathon Time Goal

Running with the pirates

Half Marathon Name and Date

Outer Banks Half Marathon Nov. 8th 2009

Number of half marathons completed


Would you run another half marathon?

yes, definitely!

How I Trained for My Half Marathon

I trained by myself, running around my neighborhood with occasional group runs on the weekends. I used the Hal Higdon intermediate plan since I had used the Novice plan for my first HM the previous spring.

How I Ran My Half Marathon

When I started training, my goal was 11 minutes per mile, but as I worked my way though the training program I picked up a lot of speed and ended up shooting for a 2 hour finish! I ran with the 2 hour pace group and we had a fantastic leader for it. The race organizers used a wave start so it wasn't so congested at the beginning, which allowed us to hold a steady pace from beginning to end. The last couple of miles were a struggle to hold onto my pace, but we all did it and finished with smiles. :-) It was so awesome to meet that lofty goal!

Lessons Learned

  • The first half was a piece of cake so it was hard to hold back and not run ahead. I was really glad I stayed with the pacer though because there is a big bridge and I would never have made it over the bridge running if I had wasted energy at the start.

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