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First Boston Marathon

Share Your Story: Your Marathon Story

By sarajane

Updated December 30, 2009

First Boston Marathon

Spend time at the expo!

Marathon Name and Date

Boston 2009

How many marathons have you completed?


Would you run another marathon?


How I Trained for My Marathon

I tried a slightly different approach for this race. I spread out my long runs to every-other weekend and started training earlier. I wanted more free weekends for skiing :). Looking back, I think this approach helped! I felt more recovered and ready for the next long run. I felt great for the race and requalified for 2010!

How I Ran My Marathon

Despite the hilly course, Boston has been the easiest race to run simply because of the crowd support. You can't go more than 10 yards without someone cheering for you. There was no need for an mp3 player, "zoning out", or any other distraction... I didn't want to miss the next group of cheerers! There was a while when I decided not to go to Boston because I didn't want to pay for a plane, hotel, etc. But I DEFINITELY recommend taking advantage of this race if you qualify :).

Lessons Learned

  • I am from Denver, CO which is FLAT! More hill training for 2010 will save the quads.
  • Eat seafood in Boston.
  • FYI: There are several hills BEFORE Heartbreak Hill.

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