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Three Marathons in One Year

Share Your Story: Your Marathon Story


Updated December 30, 2009

Marathon Name and Date

Disney World 1/11/09,

Boston Marathon 4/18/09

Tucson Marathon 12/13/09

How many marathons have you completed?


Would you run another marathon?

YES, already signed up for Boston 2010

How I Trained for My Marathon

I listed 3 marathons because I feel they illustrate a point.

For Disney and Tucson I had to train by myself at least 50% of the time. For Boston I did over 90% of my training with my club and a coach from my club.

The bottom line for me is that it is so much easier to train with others. Long runs seem to go by much easier when you have other people with you.

I did my long run for Boston with my club and several other clubs in the area. It was a blast. We had a great time running the first 21 miles of the course.

By contrast for Tucson I did a 22 miler by myself. Not anywhere near as much fun.

How I Ran My Marathon

Disney is a marathon to go to have fun. You get to go through all of the parks and you can have your picture taken with just about every character. There are a lot of bottlenecks on the course that slow you down.

Boston is the grand-daddy and well run and loud. People really get into cheering for all runners. I was 2 minutes off my marathon PR so I could not complain.

Tucson is a primarily downhill event. This is a quiet marathon with spectacular scenery.

Lessons Learned

  • Boston starts out really fast, so don't get caught up in the rush.
  • Headwinds can really make your day rough on a point-to-point course.
  • Lace your chip to your shoe as soon as you get it.
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