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It Started With a Midnight Run

Share Your Story: How I Became a Runner

By Chris

Updated October 17, 2010

Why I Became a Runner

A quite spontaneous idea during a stay in Paris made me highly motivated.

What I Did:

Two friends of mine and me went for a jog at night in Paris.

How I Did It:

It was kind of a spontaneous idea after a long French dinner. We started around midnight (causing our neighbor we met in the hallway to be quite surprised and wishing us “Bonne chance!”) in ‘Le Marais’ and jogged alongside the Seine to the Louvre museum, where we used the stairs and fountains to make a couple of workout moves (rather just for fun and for the pictures than taking it really seriously). We headed back nearly the same way, again crossing each of the bridges (‘Pont Neuf’ included), finally reaching the town hall (‘Hôtel de Ville’) and our neighborhood again – or as the French call it: ‘quartier’.

My lessons & tips: Jogging by night in Paris is really fun – and what matters the most: at this time of the day it's even possible because by day the streets are usually totally crowded and there is a lot of chaotic traffic. Choose a route at the Seine: Even in the late hours there are enough people and cars around to feel safe (I would not go for a jog in the parks when it's dark) and you can have a look at a lot of beautifully illuminated sights and bridges. Be careful when crossing the street, though. And you better don't run too far (at one point we actually thought about going to the Eiffel Tower but then forgot about it) because many Metro stations close quite soon on working days – so this is not really an option.

Lessons Learned

  • You can jog or run almost everywhere and anytime.
  • Great experiences (especially when made in a group of people) keep up the good spirit - even when back in your everyday routine.

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