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Running Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds in Two Months

Share Your Story: How Running Helped Me Lose Weight

By Judy

Updated August 18, 2012

How Much Weight I Lost

20 pounds in 2 months 2 weeks! Started 6/2/12 -20 to go. :)

What Motivated Me to Lose Weight

Too fat for my clothes, hips going bad, didn't feel comfortable in my own skin!

Also I'm a professional counselor, so didn't feel I could motivate my clients to change, if I couldn't change myself!

And for the fact I turned 56, and I had gaimed almost 40 pounds, in the last 4 years -(how did that happen?!)

Plus I wanted to get back in my cute clothes I used to wear when I was in shape, and I wanted to feel good, and feel good about myself.

How I Lost Weight

Exercise, exercise, exercise! And my husband introduced me to MyFitnessPal. It tracks everything, easy to use, on my phone so I can stay on track where ever I am!

I also started running (jogging for me) as I'm not a fast runner at all. Here are the things I learned over the years about running;

If you run and your knees start to hurt, you are probably leaning too far forward. Straighten your lower back, slow your pace, hold your head up, and take smaller steps, (picture reining a horse in a little) and keep the jogging motion.

Run hills!! I run most of my runs on my hilly rural roads. It's great for strength training, changes the routine for you muscles so they can't adapt, and it burns much more calories! Also do a little faster pace up a hill, then slow down.

Wear a sport watch so you can time yourself.

Tips and Tricks

  • Eat fruits and vegetables. I limit myself on meat, and I stay away from processed foods- chips,cookies, crackers, you get the picture.
  • explore how to one up with healthy snacks! I learned how to dry roast chick peas, and they are a great alternative to peanuts and chips.and you can put different seasonings on them.
  • get into water and out of soda. I so rarely drink soda that it doesn't even taste good to me any more. There are water flavor enhancers out there that add few calories and they taste refreshing. Even old fashion Kool-aid taste good with Stevia.
  • add exercises you enjoy!! Bike,Trikke, hike!

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